What does Omen do for me?

Omen has many features, including music bot, administration assistant, easter eggs, fun, interactive commands, and much, much more. You'll just have to start using Omen to see, but trust us, you'll have fun with it.


Omen's administration features make it easy for you to manage your discord server. See who is online, get information about your server, and change Omen settings with simple and easy to remember chat commands.


Omen is more than just a pretty face. It's also got an ear for music. Love to listen while you play? Friends love to do the same? Listen together in real time with Omen's audio features!

Music Bot

Omen Does Lots.


Chat commands and administration features are free, forever. Get started now!

Manage Anywhere

Using the Omen site, you can see information about your Discord server and manage your Omen bot from anywhere.

Easter Eggs

Hidden features inside Omen that make using it a lot more fun. Enjoy Random Events and neat Admin commands!

Advanced Logs

Never miss anything with Omen's advanced logging system that keeps track of activities performed in Discord and in Omen itself.

Omen is amazing. I manage a Discord server for my company and using Omen makes it simple and fun. I would recommend Omen to anyone who uses Discord. Period. You need this.

Riley K.
CEO, RedWork.ca